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Asana Climbing Gym Team

Brannon  / Head Route Setting Manager and Coach

Brannon has been a part of the Asana Climbing Gym team since 2015. He is currently certified as a Level 3 USA Climbing route-setter. Brannon's favorite aspect of route-setting is setting for big competitions.

Brannon loves how the Asana Climbing Gym is committed to creating quality movement. Brannon has been given significant freedom to lead the setting team in creating quality, interesting, fun, and unique movement that provides challenges for all climbers at Asana. Brannon loves the process of improving his climbing, the joy of getting better, both as a climber and a human. He finds that climbing provides mental, emotional, technical, and physical challenges that push him to grow. You can find Brannon positively supporting both his Setters and Students around the Asana climbing gym frequently.


Nick / Maintenance Manager 

Nick is our Graphic Designer and Maintenance Manager. He not only designs all of our fliers and posters, but he also makes sure that all of our climbing and aerial equipment is safe to use, and fixes just about anything that needs fixin’ around the gym. Nick is gifted with endless knowledge about everything from rockhounding to plants to environmentalism. You can find Nick in his free time helping out with the Burners’ Alliance or adventuring off in the mountains, bike-packing and climbing.

Out of all of our employees Nick has been part of the Asana staff the longest. He loves working here because he can be his truest self with our zero-judgement vibe.


Karlene / General Manager and Aerial & Yoga Instructor

Karlene has a background in secondary education, as well as owning her own aerial studio on the east coast. While operating the primary aerial yoga and aerial fitness program in New Hampshire, she was awarded “Best Fitness Instructor” and “Best Fitness Studio” in the state, as well as featured in a variety of magazine and online publications for her work in the aerial fitness world. A lover of movement, Karlene has developed an online presence as “Aerial Yoga Girl,” an online forum that provides hundreds of tutorials and aerial classes, in addition to training manuals. She has designed and led aerial teacher trainings and retreats across the country and across the ocean, including locations such as Alaska and Costa Rica.

Currently, Karlene has chosen Idaho as her home, and keeps busy building her travel van, hiking the foothills with her aussie doodle, hunting hot springs in the Pacific northwest, and photographing the outdoors as much as possible. She teaches aerial and yoga both in person at Asana, as well as online, and even offers hypnosis sessions for clients internationally.

Karlene loves the Asana climbing and aerial community she has found in the Treasure Valley – watching students progress in the air or on the ground is her passion. To her, there is no greater Joy than helping others find their Wings.  


karlene climbing

Sarah / Operations Manager

Sarah’s a schedule-making, calendar-creating, people organizing fiend!

There are so many amazing people in the world (but especially here at Asana) and Sarah loves to get to know all of them! Helping people gives her satisfaction, and that is one of the reasons why she loves working at Asana so much. 

For Sarah, variety is the spice of life. You might find her riding a bike on the greenbelt, chowing down on some tacos, hiking with her doggie Bella, fiddling with plants, soaking up some sunshine, tearing up some pow on the slopes, enjoying some backyard yoga, climbing with friends, dabbling in all things aerial, or just chillin’ watching movies.


Sara "RaRa" / Aerial Arts Director

As an electric performer and experienced instructor, Sara displays power and strength in her movement through dynamic motion and refined aerial technique. A multi-apparatus aerialist since 2010, Sara studied primarily at A-WOL Dance Collective in Portland, Oregon in the training and professional programs, where she developed an understanding of large-scale productions, choreography, directing, rigging, class management, act creation, and the art of performance. She has performed as a solo artist as well as in duos, trios, and full casts.

With a Bachelor's Degree in education, Sara brings her joy and passion from the stage into the classroom, where she specializes in youth aerial arts and aerial yoga programs and curriculum. She has directed multiple youth shows and strives to instill confidence and strength in her students, believing in creating a fun and safe environment for students of all athletic backgrounds to thrive. Along with her excitement for show production, she has behind-the-scenes knowledge ranging from budgeting and stage management to costuming and set design. With a heart for adventure, Sara recently returned abroad in Australia to Boise where she is working to build a state of the art aerial program for youth and adults at Asana. She recently became a mom, her biggest adventure yet, and is looking forward to sharing her love of circus arts with her new baby boy.


Tyce / Programs Manager

Tyce is Asana’s Everything Man. He loves all aspects of climbing. That’s why you’ll see him doing everything from setting to training new front desk employees to coaching private climbing lessons. He does it all. Tyce loves working at Asana because of all the friendly faces, the staff feels like family, all the great bouldering sets, and the beautiful climbing community.

He is a big fan of the outdoors and his cute little snorting pug Schatzi. You might find him moving and grooving to some good tunes at any concert. He is genre-less. Taking his beloved Subaru named “Churesa” off-roading and camping with a view is another one of his favorite pastimes.  


Will / Retail Manager

Will is happy to be a part of the Asana community and strives to make sure that everyone in it has access to the gear they need to make their climbing and aerial experiences the best they can be.

He loves getting out on some Idaho rock, whether bouldering, sport, or trad climbing, and in the winter loves to hit the ski slopes as often as possible. He also enjoys spending time with his family and especially loves being an uncle to his niblings.


Rory / Owner

This story begins when Rory was age 18 and was first introduced to the sport. He took to it immediately and it rapidly became a passion. A few years later, he found a job at a brand-new climbing gym that was being built from the ground up, building included in New Rochelle, New York. He had the opportunity to work in the construction phase and after opening, became the assistant manager at age 21. Concurrently he found 9 companies for sponsorship in the semi-pro circuit and for a nationwide climbing tour of the United States lasting nearly three months.

Rory eventually moved from New York to Boise, Idaho to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon arrival, he was hired by Asana to work in the manufacturing of “everything bouldering”. Rory worked as an ambassador to Asana, doing everything from managing professional athletes, to assisting in the industry trade show annually, to being the sole representative of Asana at climbing events and festivals around the West.

This continued for six years until he finally fulfilled a dream to be an exchange student in Germany. There he had recognized a massive market for climbing gyms in Germany and made a choice to become an entrepreneur in climbing, a surprisingly lucrative passion.  The next two years was spent designing, planning, and developing a climbing gym in which to open in Germany, while simultaneously finishing his degree in Mechanical Engineering, along with two Minors: one in Mathematics and the other in German.

Unfortunately, the German climbing market was saturated, and so Rory soon moved on. He landed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he was hired on as Chief Engineer aboard a 120-foot super yacht, an ideal position. During this season, he contacted Asana to ask for the opportunity to partner together to build a new climbing gym in Boise.

Jamey, of Asana Climbing, met Rory with enthusiasm and thus began the journey of Asana Climbing Gym in Boise. Rory returned to Boise to partner with Asana with the goal of growing the Boise climbing gym business and community to a much greater level. Officially the partnership was struck September 4th of 2015. With Rory at the helm of the climbing gym since 2015, the next 2.5 years was defined with many improvements and growth equating to an expansion into a new space of 20,000 square feet (an increase from 5,500.)

Today Rory is found working on his latest passion projects, including the “Busana” a converted school bus into a traveling climbing gym! Rory’s mechanical aptitude and quick problem-solving skills have made him an asset for the Asana Climbing Gym and its community.



Asana's 2022 Route Setting Team:

Zach / Kyle / Brannon / Paul / Daniel / Tyce 

Front Desk Staff

Asana Aerial Arts Instructors


Our mission is to facilitate a positive environment and atmosphere, full of challenges and excitement, in order to create personal and community growth. In this growth, we are challenged to become better people: physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially!


Asana began in Boise in 1999 in our founder's garage as a manufacturing company producing “Everything Bouldering”. The company grew and became the market leader in custom padding systems for climbing gyms across the US. In 2013, the company incorporated the Asana Climbing Gym to truly provide all things bouldering. Today, the gym is ever evolving as we are the premiere facility offering bouldering, aerial, and circus arts!


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