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Meet the Team

Asana Climbing Gym Team

Brannon Frank

Head Route Setter and Coach

Brannon has been a part of the Asana Climbing Gym team since 2015. He has 6 years of route-setting experience and is currently certified as a Level 2 USA Climbing route-setter. Brannon's favorite aspect of route-setting is having an opportunity to set for big competitions.

Most Memorable Sends:

  • "Tractor Boy", Riggins (5.13b/c)
  • "Hiroshima", Highball First Ascent
Favorite Climbing Destination: Fresh Idaho Rock


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Our mission is to facilitate a positive environment and atmosphere, full of challenges and excitement, in order to create personal and community growth. In this growth, we are challenged to become better people: physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially!


Asana began in Boise in 1999 as a manufacturing company producing “Everything Bouldering”. The company grew and became the market leader in custom padding systems for climbing gyms across the US. In 2013, the company evolved and incorporated the Asana Climbing Gym to truly provide all things bouldering. Now in 2016, the gym is expanding into a new facility!


Hours of Operation:
M-Th: 6am-10pm
Fri: 6am-7pm
Sa-Su: 8am-7pm

4977 N Glenwood St. 
Garden City, Idaho 83714

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